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    New Zanu PF youth league boss warns against infighting

    By Newsreport.co.zw | Published: 13 May 2022

    NEWLY elected Zanu PF youth league deputy national secretary, John Paradza, has virtually confirmed the heavy infighting among the ruling party’ Young Turks.

    The youth league is struggling to douse flames engulfing party structures across the provinces in the aftermath of the contentious elective national conference held last week.

    Interestingly Paradza, in a statememt Thursday, slammed the media for exposing the infighting and accused the press of peddling falsehoods regarding the recent votes of no confidence petitions against the Mashonaland West provincial chairman, while on the other hand warning party youths from waging wars against elected officials.

    “Zanu PF youth league has noted with concern, unfortunate and malicious reports on various social media platforms and in some newspapers alleging that there were votes of no confidence passed on its leaders in provinces,” Paradza wrote.

    “The youth league does not condone such illegal behaviour and mischief. Accordingly, those behind such unbridled shenanigans must be warned to stop forthwith or face swift disciplinary action.

    “We implore all our members and leaders at every level of the youth league structures to respect the party constitution, embrace unity of purpose and shy away from petty needless contradictions. Finally, the youth league reiterates that disciplinary measures shall be taken against all those found to be fomenting disharmony in the league structures.”

    Paradza’s statement was apparently triggered by a NewZimbabwe.com story in which Zanu PF Mashonaland West youth league chairman, Tapiwa Masenda, admitted a vote of no confidence petition was circulating to have him removed from his influential post.

    As of last week, a total of 26 signatures out of possible 40 provincial youth executive members had been appended to the document against Masenda.



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