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    Form One boy hangs self after being caught having se_x with 14 year old girl

    By Newsreport.co.zw | Published: 16 Oct 2021

    A Chitungwiza Form One student committed suicide yesterday following a misunderstanding with his mother after he was caught bedding a minor.

    Godfrey Chipare, 15, of Unit G in Seke was found hanging on a roofing beam by the toilet side at his cousin’s house in Unit A.

    The deceased’s cousin Samantha Chipare told H-Metro that Godfrey had a misunderstanding with his mother after he was found bedding a 14-year-old girl.

    “The late was my cousin and I was the last person to talk to him before he was found hanging,” said Samantha.

    “He came here on Saturday since he usually stays with his mother in Unit G and is in Form One at a local private school.

    “He was too reserved and is normally a person of sober mind that we never suspected anything that could have been disturbing him.

    “On Sunday he informed us that he was returning to Unit G and we do not know where he spent the day only to return in the evening.

    “We could not question him about his return since he had informed us about his intention to go to Unit G considering that he had gone with his uniforms.

    “It was yesterday (Wednesday) when we heard from our neighbours that he has been going round looking for a vegetable pesticide.

    “I am the one who awakened him to prepare for school and could not monitor his preparation only to be found by my mother hanging.

    “Atozoonekwa naMhamha pavadzoka kubasa sezvo vanga vari ku night duty,” said Samantha.

    Brother to Godfrey’s father Christopher Chipare was yet to establish how he came to take his life.

    “To be honest I do not have correct information and I am deeply affected by the incident that I cannot comment now,” said Chipare.

    “Let us exchange contacts so that I would call when I establish the correct facts about this issue,” he said.

    Godfrey’s schoolmates were part of the mourners as news of his death filtered to the school.

    Police removed the body and took it to Chitungwiza Central Hospital mortuary awaiting a postmortem.

    – HMetro



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